How AI and Gamification Can Make Waste Management Smarter and Greener

Waste management is a crucial issue for the environment, as every year the world produces about 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste, of which only 19% are recycled. This leads to serious consequences for health, climate and economy.

To tackle this challenge, an Italian start-up called ReLearn has developed an innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence and gamification to monitor and manage waste in a smart and sustainable way.

ReLearn’s core product is Nando, a plug-and-play sensor powered by AI that can be installed on any existing waste bin. Nando scans all the objects deposited in the bin and compares them with a database of images to recognize the material, the weight and the characteristics of the waste. Based on this information, Nando calculates the recycling rate and the environmental impact of the waste in terms of CO2 emissions. ReLearn provides its customers with a professional report that helps them monitor and reduce their waste footprint and improve their sustainability performance.


But ReLearn does not only provide data. It also provides engagement. Through an interactive display, Nando communicates with users and gives them feedback and suggestions to improve their waste sorting habits. Moreover, through gamification, ReLearn creates fun and educational challenges that reward users for their good behavior and raise their awareness on environmental and waste issues.

ReLearn has won the Europe Horizon – EUSIC 22 award and has been recognized by several visionary organizations for its technological and social innovation. Among its collaborations, the one with Iren stands out, a multi-utility that supports ReLearn within the Iren UP program, which helps companies and municipalities to achieve zero waste.