Case studies


Pioneering Progress in Environmental Stewardship, Inclusion, and Youth Alcohol Abuse Prevention


The successful example of a resilient national company in a globally critical industry.


Raw material only from local productor (Sicilian or at least Italian), in order to sustain the territory and guarantee the best products possible

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When inclusion drives innovation.

The success of an Italian excellence between beauty and social commitment.

madre terra

Everyone has its own richness.


The Made in Italy that aims for sustainability.

ReLearn team orizzontale

A new way to monitor the waste production of companies and communities using artificial intelligence and gamification to engage them.



Between tradition and innovation: from a local production up to an industrial one.

Zappalà as a driving force of Sicilianity beyond the borders of the island.

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Promoting social and climate change with the cooperation of everyone.

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A 140-year tradition of environmental and social sustainability.


From the tradition to the sustainable cosmetics.

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Endless innovation of the industry.


Environment, territory and community: Dorelan’s path to growth

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Combining Italian Fashion and Excellence in Sportswear and Lifestyle.


The coffee is an art, it is culture, it is a connection to the territory, it is a pleasure to be savored every day with awareness, while respecting the environment.

Foto 2 AMARCORD Brini Marco

An Italian agri-food excellence that combines the attachment to the territory with the care for the environment and continuous research for quality.

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The path of Vecchia Orsa: the social craft brewery.


The great changes come from the little things.


Italian company with a strong focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability.


Italian reusable water bottles for a sustainable future.

Immagine 2 Astra Make Up Orizzontale

The quality of made in Italy within everyone’s reach, for an inclusive and multicultural kind of beauty.


An italian startup that involves all padel players around our peninsula, we are the first Italian padel network with a fully digital community.

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From the past to the future, Pasta Rummo is a guarantee of quality and sustainability, with a continuous research for improvement both in taste and value.


A great example of sustainable development in professional cosmetics.


The future life of plastic starts from innovation and investments with focus on efficiency.

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A coffee that is good for you and for the planet.


Sergio Rossi keeps alive the art of Italian craftmanship while being attentive to the environment.


Addressing climate change by re-thinking waste from the fashion industry.

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Sustainable Management of Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola.

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The story of a local peasant family who believe in the value of their territory.


Since 100 years leader of Italian pastry tradition, with people’s wellbeing in the heart and planet’s health in the mind.