Pastificio Felicetti

Pastificio Felicetti

The Made in Italy that aims for sustainability.

“Investing in sustainability is going against the grain.”. With more than 100 years of respect for the land, attention to product quality and a glimpse into innovation, Pastificio Felicetti proudly represents Made in Italy around the world.

A company that looks toward a better product, a better market, and a better future.

Pastificio Felicetti is a pasta company in the heart of the Dolomites. Located in Val di Fiemme, Trentino, it has been in business since 1908, when it was just a small unknown factory. Customization of formats and doughs, and the flexibility demonstrated in production have made it one of the most internationally renowned companies in the sector. Investments in technology and generational transition have not touched the identity of the Pastificio, but have only accelerated its entry into markets throughout Europe and beyond. Hard work, research and initiative drive its continuous innovation.

What most characterizes the product is the use of elements that come from the surrounding mountains, such as clear spring water for dough and pure air for drying; the third element of this triad is definitely the wheat, which comes mainly from Italian producers who share a certain system of values.

Sustainability is another key aspect of the company, and Forbes even included the “pasta factory of the Dolomites” in the list of Italy’s 100 most sustainable companies, published for the Sustainability Award 2021. The selection was made on ESG (environmental, social and governance) ratings.

Pastificio Felicetti, in recent years, projected itself into the future, with packaging made of 100% pure cellulose, biodegradable and breathable. This is a vision that also characterized the whole new project of the main factory, which is 90% powered by self-generated energy, photovoltaics and cogeneration plants. This building, along with the one recently constructed in Molina di Fiemme, has also been a new boost to employment within the valley, with nearly a hundred new hires.

This is the story of an Italian family, made up of love for people and attachment to the territory. This pasta is an outstanding product that is never conventional and always sustainable. Created in Italy but designed for the world. Respect, quality and innovation are surely the cornerstones of this Italian production, which boasts local, national and international recognition.