Pasticceria Tomarchio

Southern q&a

Sustainability to change

Born as a family bakery in 50s, today Pasticceria Tomarchio has one plant and four stores, located near Catania, in eastern Sicily.
In these years, Tomarchio has become one of the most characteristic Sicilian brands; its products are enjoyed by many generations of Italian southern people.

By the way, the social impact in the job market isn’t indifferent; it’s useful to remember that Sicily has a huge problem with employment, like the rest of south Italy. A chance to survive is to cooperate, maintaining a high standard of quality.
As a symbol for local production, Pasticceria Tomarchio takes his raw material only from local productor (Sicilian or at least Italian), in order to sustain the territory and guarantee the best products possible.

The short supply chain permits to avoid wastes, optimizing the use of resources.

The just in time production permits to make only what is needed; non standard products are the base for other preparations.
In 2019 has decided to adopt a solar panel system and today the 250kWh plant has the capacity to fully power the production plant.
The objective is to become self-sufficient, only counting on Renewable sources.
At the end of 2022 Pasticceria Tomarchio has reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by about 190 tons (equivalent to 256 trees planted), thus drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

Sustainability is the leitmotiv; even water used for production can be reused for another purpose; the plant has a activated sludge biological purifier, so filtered water is used to give life to a company garden of 5000mq.
“Preserving the health of our Earth is a long-term investment. This is the air we breathe too, this is where our raw materials are grown. Respecting the environment benefits everyone” these are the words of Pasticceria Tomarchio’s CEO, Angelo Tomarchio.
Being sustainable is the only way to exist, but sustainability is an objective that can be reached only through an everybody’s commitment.