Latteria Soligo

Latteria Soligo: helping you eat well and live healthily

A 140-year tradition of environmental and social sustainability.

Even back in 1883, the year Latteria Soligo was founded, its objectives were clear: always oriented towards wellbeing, physical health, and environmental sustainability, it was founded with the aim of improving the lives of the farming community in the city of Treviso, Veneto.

The company, which operates in the dairy sector, has three pillars as the focus of its corporate responsibility: the environment, social economy, and sport.

The tradition of sustainability, which follows the principles of circular economy, began in 1910 with the installation of a small power plant that used water from the Soligo stream to produce energy, and continues today with the use of a biogas plant. In addition, it adheres to various projects committed to landscape protection and preservation. Last but not least, all products are manufactured with materials from renewable and sustainable sources: the paper comes from FSC-certified forests and the other components – mostly obtained from sugar cane – are recyclable.

The focus on social needs also has a long tradition, and nowadays this is manifested in the attention paid to categories in difficulty, through participation in social campaigns and the diffusion of solidarity messages: support for the “Alice Project” (which supports anti-violence centres for women and develops awareness-raising actions) and campaigns in support of the flood victims in Vicenza in 2010 and the earthquake victims in Amatrice in 2016 are just three examples of the company’s various demonstrations of closeness to the population.


Sport as the key to wellbeing

Finally, a special look is taken at sport: official partner of the Udinese Academy in 2021-2022, Latteria Soligo has always been a promoter of the value of a healthy and balanced diet, which takes concrete form in the sale of healthy products that are indispensable for the psychophysical wellbeing of everyone – sportsmen and women alike.

In conclusion, drinking milk and savouring the products of Latteria Soligo is not only an excellent culinary experience, but also means participating in fundamental actions of sustainability and social responsibility.