Z Padel Club

Z Padel Club

Z Padel Club is an italian startup that involves all padel players around our peninsula, it is the first Italian padel network with a fully digital community.

The foundation of our organization dates back to 6 years ago from an idea of six entrepreneurs who, despite working in different sectors, are united in one common passion: the game of padel.

Our business objective is to become a franchise of polyhedral clubs where padel, innovation and business meet each other.

From its foundation our padel network has focused in the temporary padel sector realizing events in amazing locations such as piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan but this is just the beginning.

Z Padel Club, indeed, aims to establish itself as one of the most important padel club in the country.

We want our structures to be recognized as sport centers but also lifestyle ones: our goal is to become the perfect place where sport, healthy lifestyle, and business merge together in one place.

Z Padel Club aims to become one of the leaders in the padel sector and build over 100 courts on Italian soil within 2026.

Our business looks forward to environment protection and sustainability. Values expressed from sport are universal and recognized all around the world indeed Onu supports the role played by sport in achieving the SDGs.

With this assumption UNESCO in 2017 started the Kazan Plan: a global agreement that engages sports policies to the SDGs like ensuring a healthy lifestyle and welfare, gender equality, helping cities in becoming sustainable etc.

Especially for this last point the sport industry can really help the fight against climate change since it’s one of the biggest markets in the world and that’s what we want to help achieving.

Using the words of Marco Molinaro, one of our founding members, “as an innovative startup, we make sustainability one of our pillars” and we do it by using container architecture.

Container architecture is a form of architecture using recycled containers as the main structural element. The use of containers as a building material has grown in popularity due to their strength, wide availability, and relatively low cost.

The transformation of old marine containers in some structures related to the clubs such as parts of a padel courts, locker rooms or meeting rooms is the key to our sustainability goals with the purpose of becoming a B-Corp company very soon.