Zappalà S.P.A.

Achieving success thanks to its roots: the case of Zappalà S.p.a

Between tradition and innovation: from a local production up to an industrial one.

Zappalà as a driving force of Sicilianity beyond the borders of the island.

Zappalà s.p.a is a Sicilian industry based in Zafferana Etnea, in Catania, and specialized in dairy products. Today Zappalà represents one of the most important dairies in Italy, as well as being the largest dairy in southern Italy.

The story of Zappalà started in 1973, when Alfio and Angela, parents of the current owners of the industry, from a little local laboratory put the basis of the company’s future. So, Zappalà is a family like many others who, however, followed a path of innovation and growth thus proving to be pioneers within a specific sector. Especially in 1986 when they opened the Zafferana Etnea’s building where Zappalà decided to invest on technological improvements. These technological investments allowed the company to specialize definitively in the production and conservation of fresh and traditional Sicilian cheeses. So then, Zappalà managed to be synonymous with Sicilianity thanks to a story based on solid local and territorial foundations from which it drew inspiration for the creation of all its products. Indeed, the products are the main characters of Zappalà’ s story that have allowed it to be the only local company with a family management, present both within the large-scale retail trade and in the sector. As well as with a significant presence in the most important brands of Italian distribution.

Despite being a very big industry reality that nowadays exports to over 20 different countries around the world, Zappalà still pay close attention to its roots. For this reason, they chose to locate all its three production plant, which are BRC and IFS certified, on the Sicilian territory. Each production plant has their own area of ​​specialization and expertise. Fresh dairy products are made in Zafferana Etnea, typical cheeses in Ragusa, while in Caltanissetta they take care of the packaging of long-life milk and cream.

Given the importance they have always placed on local and familiar vision, Zappalà company is considered ambassador of an everyday and genuine lifestyle. It is a story that is told around everyday dinner tables.

In conclusion, we can affirm that Zappalà is a perfect example of a company that has been able to combine the values ​​of the local area and a high degree of innovation to offer customers typical but quality products.