Endless innovation of the industry.

SACMI sells machines for mass production in various markets. Initially repairing agricultural machinery, the company’s success grew after WWII when it provided top-of-the-line machines. Today, it provides advanced technologies for ceramics, plastics, food & beverage, metals, packaging, and advanced materials.

SACMI is strongly focused in innovation and this allows the company to remain competitive and adapt to the surrounding environment while prioritizing the preservation of nature.

Innovation is crucial to SACMI, and the company recognizes that involving new generations is essential not only to maintain competitiveness but also to transfer knowledge and leave the company in a better position than before. That’s why over 95% of the company’s staff are employed on permanent contracts, 60% of whom are technical personnel with an average age below 30. In addition, SACMI boasts one of the lowest turnover rates in the market, at just 1.61%. This strategic approach ensures that the company benefits from the energy and fresh perspectives of young employees while retaining valuable expertise and experience.

Sustainability is another core value for SACMI, and the company has integrated it into all its production processes. This Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its production activities, including energy and water consumption, waste management, and emissions. For instance, since 2019, the company has reduced water waste by 36% by using an internal depurator. SACMI also generates 44% of its electricity needs through self-generation, utilizing photovoltaic panels and trigeneration systems that use residual heat produced during energy generation for other tasks. By implementing sustainable practices, SACMI aims to minimize its ecological footprint and contribute to a better future.

Another important aspect for the Group is the bounderies with the community where he operates.
SACMI not only donated 1.9 million euros in three years to various institutions, but also provided the public health with machinery used to treat people.