Good Life Is All About Good Pasta

From the past to the future, Pasta Rummo is a guarantee of quality and sustainability, with a continuous research for improvement both in taste and value.

Pasta Rummo was established in Benevento in 1846, when Antonio Rummo built a mill for grinding of grain.

From the beginning the name Rummo went hand by hand with the word characteristic, because pasta was produced from wheat coming from the nearby Puglia.

In the last years the firm has invested plenty of time on reducing greenhouse gas emissions; this commitment has been recognized by Legambiente, which in 2010 honored Rummo with the award named “Premio all’Innovazione Amica dell’Ambiente” for reducing CO2 emissions by 30%.

Nevertheless, Rummo also obtained the reward “Leonardo Qualità Italia” for product quality innovation, combined with a strong international projection, both on the field of sales and production.

Notewhortly is the “Lenta Lavorazione” method, that include seven steps of production, including a phase where two chefs taste the pasta to assess the quality of the raw materials.

In addiction, Pasta Rummo, from 2020, as it was in the past, is made just with Italian wheat thanks to an agreement with Coldiretti.  Moreover, a protein intake of, at least, 15% and the total absence of pesticide is guaranteed.

This will lead to a shorter supply chain, that give greater value at the local wheat producers and, as a consequence, provoke  a lower environmental impact

To achieve these aims Rummo mixed a strong presence in the international markets (especially in Europe, in country like France and Spain) with a good sustainable campaigns. For example, in 2021, created a pasta packaging made entirely of recyclable paper instead of plastic.

This adaptability helped Rummo to overcome a natural disaster such as the 2015 flood, where most of the pasta factory was destroyed. Thanks to  a word of mouth on social networks became viral in a few hours, with the hashtag #saveRummo and the claim «l’acqua non ci ha rammolliti», Rummo has managed to both put the spotlight on her situation and create a consensus around her brand to convince retailers to continue working with her, despite the natural calamity.