Madre Natura

Madre Natura

Everyone has its own richness.

“La madre Terra” is a fair-trade brand that was founded in 1987.

Its products are bottled and labeled inside the laboratory “La pietra scartata” in which everybody can find his likely place. This social employment center joined in the social cooperative “La fraternità” in 2007, entering in this way in the big family of the Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, which is a big and almost know reality, founded in 1968 by Don Oreste Benzi.

The portfolio of “La madre Terra” has only biologic products which take shape from high quality raw materials. In the specific the products are vegetal and sweet creams, marmalades, oils, honey, marinated vegetables, wine but also legumes and whole pasta.

Precious workers

All these products are sons and daughters of a dignified and honest job carried on by “special people”.
In the concrete, the employees are mental and/or physical disabled people.
Also prisoners that can serve their sentence with social jobs are hosted in the laboratory.

The educators take care of all these people and manage recreative activities in order to keep the job stimulating. The motto is: “work together and help each other” and it’s meaningful because everybody has a rule, a specific responsibility that make him essential. In other words, everyone is indispensable for the entire productive cycle, and he can find his own place in this world. There are proofs saying that disable people are life’s teachers for the prisoners meanwhile they are instructors of concrete actions for the firsts.


With a slowly rhythm 

Although they are certified by ICEA (associate number H127), they move beyond the mere certification.
The main objective is to create a genuine, healthy and tasty product that respect, in all his steps, the values of the association. How can they do this? They treat seasonal raw materials, they prefer manual phases to machines because they can check the quality better but also because there is a less industrial impact, and they don’t use any chemicals substances or preservatives when they store their products (only natural pasteurization at 100°C that ensure a three year’s life for the sealed product).

If the nature exhibit beauty and kindness, La Madre Terra answers «present» and it does it with concrete actions in a lovely relationship with all the things that surround it.
“La Madre Terra” has a clear identity and knows well his Why!