La Saponaria

La Saponaria

From the tradition to the sustainable cosmetics.

La Saponaria is a Pesaro-based company founded in April 2007 by Luigi Panaroni and Lucia Genangeli and it specializes in the production of organic soaps and cosmetics. The company was born from an old family tradition: Luigi’s grandmother used to make soap at home, for this reason Luigi and Lucia decided to keep the tradition going and began making soaps as a hobby. In 2007 making soap became their primary job, they opened their first laboratory and today this has been moved to larger headquarters. Moreover, starting this year la Saponaria SRL has been transformed into la Saponaria SRL Benefit Corporation.

Respect for the environment and people

The company’s philosophy is based on specific values, namely: organic, awareness, sustainability, short supply chain, respect for labour, affordable prices, innovation and continuous research. We can find these values in the company’s mission: “making products that are effective and healthy for both the user and the world we live in, made through nature, people and communities”[1]. In fact, the ingredients used are natural and organic, sourced from small farms and family businesses that promote projects of social and labor inclusion; in addition, la Saponaria pays a fair price for their raw materials and with procurement contracts planned to promote sustainable agriculture.
Some products, however, contain ingredients from Sri Lanka, India, Peru, and Morocco, but these are Fairtrade certified. In addition, la Saponaria has set a goal to stop using virgin plastic for the packaging; in fact, it prefers solid soaps because they require less packaging and la Saponaria uses plastic made from sugar cane, recycled plastic, and as well as ocean plastic (collected from the oceans); alternatively, la Saponaria uses recycled materials such as aluminium, glass or cardboard.

Lastly, all cosmetics producted by la Saponaria are 100% vegan except for one, “the Honey & Lavender Soap”, which is made with honey sourced from an organic beekeeping.
In conclusion, let’s not forget that la Saponaria it is certified by CCPB and it collaborates with associations that fight for the defense of the environment, such as Sea Shepherd, or that give support to women who suffer abuse, such as Percorso donna.