The great changes come from the little things.

InMasseria” is a reality that is born and develops at the gates of Crispiano, a small town in the province of Taranto, located inside the Masseria del Duca, a modest medieval structure built in the fifteenth century by the then Duke de Sangro, from which he inherited part of his name.

“Knights” at the service of nature

The Società Agricola F.lli Cassese s.s., owner of this farmhouse that was handed down from one feudatory to another, has become over the years one of the most dynamic farms in Puglia, undoubtedly the one with the most diverse production chains.

Among the activities carried out in the Masseria del Duca are the poultry farm with 40,000 heads with attached egg packing center, the breeding of 250 Frisian Italian cows with attached dairy farm, the cultivation of the olive grove of 200 hectares in organic farming with 40,000 centuries-old olive trees and farmhouse oil mill with bottling and packaging center, 11 hectares of wine vineyard and educational farm with over 7,000 visits per year. A short, very short production chain, even if the distribution of the products now takes place on the entire national territory and in some niches of foreign market.


It is this specific and virtuous knowledge and skills that have allowed “InMasseria” to stand out within the reference sector and make possible the conferral of the Cavalierato della Repubblica Italiana, by decree of the President of the Republic, to Aldo Cassese, director of the company for 40 years before passing the baton to his son Gianpaolo.


“We give back to the earth what the earth has given us”

The Masseria del Duca was the first and for now only farm in Puglia to have a biogas plant thanks to which, through a natural fermentation of its by-products processing, produces electricity that covers the company’s needs and that is transferred to the grid for the benefit of many families.

The entire company production is therefore without any environmental impact, with zero waste and zero emissions into the atmosphere. A concrete contribution to a quality production in harmony with nature.