Ilip an innovative company in the packaging valley

The future life of plastic starts from innovation and investments with focus on efficiency.

Ilip, part of Ilpa group, is a packaging producer company located in Valsamoggia near Bologna. Located in the packaging valley has a strong and positive relationship with the territory serving a tremendous number of company, spacing from the agri-food field to the industrial business.


The core business of the company is the production of plastic packaging for the florid local agro food industry, made by big and small companies and also GDO. With an eye pointed to the future with a strong focus on innovation, Ilip it is rapidly modernizing his production, voting his business to sustainability and circular economy.

The journey of the company in sustainability started twenty years ago and never ended. In 2020 the company launched the new plan for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which is another key value, remarked by the affection to the territory of the company.


The sustainability for Ilip starts with the 3 P: Reduce, especially in the field of rough materials and the wasting of food; Renewable resources, adopting innovative design with the use of PLA bioplastic and using less energy avoiding unnecessary pollution; Recycle, giving new life to the used product recycling the plastic to give birth to dedicated lines of product.


The redesigning of the products is a cornerstone of the eco-friendly policy of the company. Since 2010 the weight of the product has been lowered, saving more than 3 tons of rough material.


The efficiency is pursued by a massive amount of investment. The last one is the construction of a state-of-the-art warehouse near the production factory. This is a fully automatic building with a capacity of 60,000 euro pallet that, with a lower use of soil comared to traditional ones, avoid the emission 300,000 kg of C02.