Dorelan: a history of tradition and innovation

Environment, territory and community: Dorelan’s path to growth.

Dorelan is a company located in Forlì (FC), that was founded by Diano Tura and Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi in 1968. It deals with the production of mattresses and all the accessories related to the culture of sleep, like pillows or toppers.

Today, with over 2,000 stores in Italy and all around the world, Dorelan is constantly expanding. Its mission is to improve the life of people thanks to the culture of sleep and its vision is to design superior quality products of excellence to guarantee a balance between sleep and well-being.

Nowadays Dorelan’s owner and CFO, Cristian Bergamaschi, with his team, is becoming more and more aware of CSR and the importance of protecting the environment and the context in which the company is involved. Therefore, in the last few years Dorelan has developed some programs of improvement and everyday it is working in order to reduce the environmental impact and the carbon dioxide emissions. To do so, a very important action is the constant training of its workers, which are the most important asset of the company.

In particular, Dorelan has implemented processes to optimise consumption and resources and, from January 2019, 100% of electric power consumed is generated from renewable resources: 62,000 square meters of production site are powered by a photovoltaic system that can auto-produce about half of the entire energy needs of the company.

Furthermore, Dorelan joined LCA_Life Cycle Assessment program to certify the constant control and improvement of products’ environmental performance. Dorelan’s LCA analysis has been certified by the Bureau Veritas: the world’s leading international body in the control, verification and certification services for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and CSR.

In conclusion, Dorelan has always been related to its territory: in fact, another important value for the company is the creation of value and opportunities for the community in which Dorelan is placed.