Caffè Borbone

Caffè Borbone

Tradition and sustainability

“The coffee is an art, it is culture, it is a connection to the territory, it is a pleasure to be savored every day with awareness, while respecting the environment.”

“How is the future imagined? Sustainable, for people, the environment and the territory.”

Caffè Borbone was founded in 1997 under the name “L’Aromatika srl”, from an idea of its founder Massimo Renda. Thanks to the experience gained in his family’s small coffee roasting company, where he worked for the first few years of his career, he immediately realised the business potential. For the company, the value of sustainability is a priority and a clear strategic line, which is also part of the code of ethical code: excellent coffee, produced with a sense of global responsibility and capable of promoting Italian social, cultural and artistic values.


In respect of the environment and its commitment to sustainability, Caffè Borbone offers its customers a compostable pod with a 100% recyclable wrapper because it is mainly made of paper. The product was elected Product of the Year 2021 with a special mention for sustainability. The product has also been certified by Cic (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori), and the cardboard box has obtained Fsc certification (the mark of responsible forest management).
In addition to pods, Caffè Borbone is increasing its production of coffee in compostable plastic capsules, which are easier to recycle once used.

Caffè Borbone also participates in the United Nations Global Compact and supports the Ten Principles and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the broader objectives of the United Nations.
Finally, the company is constantly improving its selection processes along the entire supply chain making them as sustainable as possible and in line with the set targets.


The coffee sector has many sensitive aspects and the responsibility to adopt a virtuous approach lies at the heart of the company’s objectives, which is why it is committed every day to contributing to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable global economy that respects human rights, labour and nature.