Italian company with a strong focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Bontal chooses safe, healthy, high quality and sustainable products.

Bontal creates value for its customers by selecting the best products and offering innovative and quality solutions.

Bontal boasts consolidated credibility and know-how based on passion, quality and innovation.

Bontal Commerciale is a wholesale company of fresh and frozen food products, with its operational headquarters in Emilia-Romagna. Bontal works every day to provide the best products to its customers and ensure safe and reliable service through the excellence and passion of its employees.


The company places a concrete focus on sustainability issues, with the goal of pursuing some of the SDG’s promoted by the UN under the 2030 Agenda. First of all, Bontal cares deeply about the welfare of its employees. It is committed to ensuring long lasting economic sustainability for its employees by providing as much stability as possible and investing in well-being and job security. Bontal’s main activity is the transportation of mainly frozen food products to customers’ locations. Therefore, energy consumption is mainly focused on electricity to power the cold rooms and the fuel needed for transportation. Bontal is equipped with photovoltaic panels and, over the past 2 years, has replaced the transport vehicles, converting them from diesel to natural gas. About 60% of the fleet used by the company consists of environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition, the company has an integrated system to support logistics: PTV Route Optmiser.


Through these projects, the company aims to reduce its environmental impact, for example, by reducing CO2 emissions. Bontal stands out for its special attention and sensitivity to its Stakeholders, with a great focus also on global issues affecting the environment and people. Concretely, each year, it allocates a significant budget that has exceeded 38,000 euros in charitable donations and solidarity projects.


In fact, the company gives its contribution to noprofit organizations that deal with the care and the right to education of children in extreme poverty around the world. Locally, Bontal supports social activities with donations and sponsorships.