Blue of a kind

Blue of a kind

Addressing climate change by re-thinking waste from the fashion industry.

Blue of a Kind is a Milan-based sustainable denim brand focused on upcycling: a circular fashion approach, based on the recovery of any kind of unwanted garments and fabrics and their re-implementation into new creations that are valuable, timeless, and stepped in history.

Blue of a Kind breaks into the Italian fashion industry in 2017 proposing a disruptive philosophy: the “Revolution of Existing”, that showcases a way of reimagining the existence, moving from a consumeristic and individualistic approach to a more environmentally safe one. In line with the awareness of the climate crisis, this company arises from the idea that the traditional way of producing in the fashion field must be overcome. The proposed solution, in this case, consists of a system of ethical sourcing practices, used with the intention of re-crafting “the products that already exists”.

Starting from this perspective, the founder and CEO Fabrizio Consoli has chosen to go against the tide of one of the most polluting industries of our time by demonstrating a remarkable commitment and a transversal approach to sustainability, embracing positive environmental, social and governance principles. By joining “The Jeans Redesing”, the “Fashion B.E.S.T.” and the “Fashion For Good” projects, the company displays a vibrant, innovative, and environment-oriented method. In compliance with European regulations on wages and working conditions, every project aims at upcycling denim garments and fabrics with the aid of Italian local suppliers and artisans near Milan.

In doing so, the manufacturing processes of these PETA certified products ensure a reduction of the carbon footprint and the water usage does not exceed 8 litres of water per garment. Furthermore, with the last S/S 2023 “All Blues Collection”, Blue of a Kind chose to present a series of genderless and seasonless products that can easily be suited to various clothing styles, in order to ease and encourage people to join the green overturn of the fashion industry. That is what gives shape to one the most emblematic expressions of sustainability as the core business principle of this company, that winks in the direction of a more ethical vision of the fashion system.

Since a pair of jeans may potentially live forever, Blue of a Kind offers free repairs for life to its clients, hoping that this will lead them to reconsider their relationship to consumer culture. The case of this successful company of Milan directs the attention towards an interesting and pivotal point: when it comes to fashion, every end can always be a new beginning.