Bauli Group

Bauli Group

Since 100 years leader of Italian pastry tradition, with people’s wellbeing in the heart and planet’s health in the mind.

The brand

The Bauli Group is an Italian food company specialising in the production of baked goods, both sweet and savoury, and it is known by many for the iconic pandoro. Founded in 1922 in Verona as a small artisanal pastry shop, thanks to the enthusiasm of its founder Ruggero Bauli for the ancient pandoro recipe, over the years the Bauli Group has been able to combine the enhancement of tradition with economic growth in a unique way, spreading excellence and the taste of Italian products throughout the world. Today, it is the main Italian business in the seasonal products market and it is also recognized and loved all over the world; in fact, Bauli Group products are actually present in over 70 countries.

Tradition, wellbeing and the environment

If the Bauli Group were to be described in a few simple words, they would probably be the following: tradition, wellbeing and the environment. Nonetheless, the same company clearly underlines how: “The mission is to create healthy and delicious products that make people feel driven by Bauliʼs Italian tradition good. We hold in our hearts People’s wellbeing whilst keeping the Planet’s health in our minds“.

In the creation of its products, the Bauli Group is guided by 100 years of family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. It adopts artisan-inspired production processes based on the ancient tradition of the mother yeast, which, thanks to the union with technological innovation, allow the creation of quality products.

At the same time, consumer wellbeing plays an important role. It is possible thanks to the use of selected raw materials of guaranteed origin and rigorous processing control systems. Furthermore, there is an offer that is suited to those suffering from gluten, milk or lactose intolerance to ensure everyone has the pleasure of tasting their products in all safety and tranquillity.

Lastly, great attention is given to the environment’s impact generated by the group’s activities. The company is actively trying to improve energy efficiency and to save water, to promote correct waste management and to pursue sustainable logistics, through the efficiency of goods transport. At the same time, the Bauli Group aims to reduce the impact of packaging by promoting the introduction of more sustainable packages and packaging materials, favouring waste reduction.