An Italian agri-food excellence that combines the attachment to the territory with the care for the environment and continuous research for quality.

Amarcord is an independent familiar brewery in Rimini since 1997.

The name Amarcord is the translation in the Rimini dialect of the words “I remember” and is the name of a well-known movie by the Maestro Federico Fellini, one of the most important Italian movie directors, born in Rimini. This choice of the name brings back to the Romagna heritage made of history, values, attachment for the territory, sociability and authenticity.

The commitment of the company is directed to the quality of the production process, where the brewing tradition meets the modern technologies, allowing to attain the highest level of product quality and safety. For this reason, Amarcord collaborate with the München Beer University and with the Italian Brewing Research Centre in Perugia and sustains the strict BRC food safety certification.


To achieve these results, it is fundamental to use high quality raw materials, starting from the water, that flows directly from the spring near the brewery, to the other ingredients, bought from selected producers and carefully mixed by the brew master.


The company is dedicated to buy as much raw material as possible from Italian producers, always without sacrifice quality and sustainability, reaching a percentage of Italian raw materials that varies from 89 to 100% depending on the type of beer. This allows to have a shorter supply chain, resulting in less environmental pollution and often in an empowerment of the local communities, supporting also innovative projects, such as the Italian Hops Cooperative.


All the phases of the production process, starting from the raw materials, passing through the energy used for brewing, to the bottles and the packaging and even to the production waste, are focused on sustainability, leading Amarcord to obtain in 2021 the certification of zero impact company.


In this way Amarcord celebrate once again the love and the bond with his own territory, from which all this story took place.