ACRA: promoting social and climate change with the cooperation of everyone


ACRA is a non-governmental organisation, founded in Milan in 1968, engaged in international cooperation, the protection of human rights and the fight against poverty and inequality for more than fifty years. It supports initiatives to fight gender-based violence and fight climate change as well as a culture of dialogue, integration, intercultural exchange, and solidarity; in addition to promoting sustainable agricultural methods and consumption practices.


ACRA’s commitment to promoting a more equitable and sustainable world

ACRA works with individuals and communities to make sure they have access to resources, tools, and skills to become agents of change and significant players in promoting equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development because it believes everyone has a responsibility to and capacity to contribute to a more just and sustainable society. According to ACRA, communities and individuals must unite as a movement to speak up for the needs of the most vulnerable in order to eradicate the systemic causes of poverty and create a model of lasting change. It is committed to act as a tool for the type of change it wants to bring about; for this reason, the sharing of a participatory approach is viewed as a critical element.


ACRA’s work

ACRA bases all its interventions on a long-term vision and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is done by enacting processes based on the defence of human rights, and the fight of social, economic, and gender inequalities.

Intercultural communication, high-quality education, citizen empowerment, and integration, as well as efforts to combat waste, safeguard territories, promote responsible tourism, and create a sustainable agri-food chain, are among the intervention areas in Italy. In terms of programmes carried out, teacher training and exchange programmes, after-school seminars for children, school counselling, podcasts, and web radio can be found.