24Bottles: Italian reusable water bottles for a sustainable future

Certified quality, zero impact.

24Bottles® is a brand born in 2013 in Bologna, Italy, known to produce water bottles made of 18/8 stainless steel, a food-grade metal composed of 18% chrome and 8% nickel.

This is an innovative business that encourages people to change their lifestyles and that intends to reduce the impact of plastic bottles on the environment simply using ethical design to combine functionality, sustainability and personal style.

With #STARTWITHABOTTLE the brand demonstrates how small a step it takes to save the world from pollution, creating a better future for the next generations. In this regard, the Cradle-to-Gate Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for Greenhouse Gases – Carbon Footprint of Products (ISO 14067: 2018) certifies the positive assessment of 24Bottles® items, whose CO₂ emissions from production, packaging and transport are fully offset by international reforestation programmes.

In addition to sustainability, the brand’s challenge is to build a more inclusive society and economy. The team is particularly keen to set an example in the fight against gender inequality in the workplace, in fact women make up 65% of the workforce and two thirds of management roles.

Becoming a certified B Corp in 2020, the brand aspires to have a positive impact on the world by putting people at the centre of its values. In fact, each employee’s job turns into an added value because the idea is to involve everyone in finding the best solution, making it systemic and striving for continuous improvement.

24Bottles® is also committed to supporting its local community through partnerships with organisations and cooperatives that foster social inclusion for people with disabilities or mental illnesses. Moreover, this support is provided through educational activities involving schools and universities, encouraging students about reuse and sustainable lifestyle.

All water bottles and lunch boxes are not made to be filled with only water and food but also with style, projects and future.

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